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Admissions Consulting



Increase your odds of admission into the world’s leading business, law, and public policy higher education degree and certificate programs!

Whether your goal is to become a public procurement officer authorized to purchase on behalf of the public or a public procurement judge appointed to enforce public procurement laws and regulations, we can help you highlight your unique experience, challenges, and character strengths during the application process to ensure your personal and professional potential shines through to the admissions committee!



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dedicated 1-on-1 support

dedicated 1-on-1 support

candidacy positioning

candidacy positioning

DEADLINE management

DEADLINE management





Public procurement is a highly interdisciplinary field with professionals from various backgrounds.

As such, there are very few programs across the globe with a particular focus on public procurement. Instead, current and aspiring public procurement professionals must pursue programs in other disciplines most suited to their personal and professional goals – the most common being business, public policy, and law.

We will work with you to bring clarity to your personal and professional goals and determine whether an higher education degree or certificate program is the best way to reach those goals. We will then work with you to develop a potential list of colleges and/or universities that are best-suited to help you reach those goals based on a number of factors unique to your situation.

Understanding that public procurement professionals may choose to pursue higher education at various stages of their career, we provide admissions consulting for the following levels of higher education:

Undergraduate Education

For individuals seeking an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or certificate.

Graduate Education

For individuals seeking a taught/research master’s degree or certificate.

Doctorate Education

For individuals seeking a professional/research doctorate degree.

Executive Education

For individuals seeking a specialized, executive-style program.



Admissions Application & Decision

  • Target / “Best-Fit” School List Identification

  • Relevant Test Selection Guidance

  • Personal Narrative and Statement Crafting Strategy

  • Activity List and Resume / CV Positioning

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mandatory and Supplement Essay Support

  • Suitable Recommendation / Reference Selection

  • Admissions Offer(s) Review and Evaluation

Financial Resources & Affordability

  • Strategic Financial Resource Planning

  • VA, FAFSA®, and State Financial Aid Assistance

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Award(s) Review

Professional & Career Development

  • Faculty, Course, and Career Alignment Support

  • Association and Group Membership Engagement

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