Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program

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Fall 2020

Fellowship Type


Clearance Required


Estimated Salary

$37.5k /yr

Headquarters Location:

Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program

2218 6th Street, NW

Washington, DC, 20059

Ph: +1 (202) 806-4367

Ph: +1 (877) 633-0002



Position description:

The Rangel Graduate Fellowship is a program that aims to attract and prepare outstanding young people for careers in the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State in which they can help formulate, represent and implement U.S. foreign policy. The Rangel Program selects outstanding Rangel Fellows annually in a highly competitive nationwide process and supports them through two years of graduate study, internships, mentoring, and professional development activities. This program encourages the application of members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service, women, and those with financial need. Fellows who successfully complete the program and Foreign Service entry requirements will receive appointments as Foreign Service Officers, in accordance with applicable law and State Department policy.”

Fellows who successfully complete the Rangel Program and Foreign Service entry requirements will receive appointments in the State Department Foreign Service in accordance with applicable law and State Department policy. Fellows are required to obtain and maintain medical, security, and suitability clearances in order to remain in the program.  Each Rangel Fellow who obtains a master’s degree is committed to a minimum of five years of service. Candidates who do not successfully complete the Rangel Program and the subsequent five year service obligation may be subject to a reimbursement obligation. Visit the Fellow Obligation page to learn more about the obligations that Rangel Fellows assume when they accept the fellowship.

Why is this role important?

The U.S. Department of State is the official international relations arm of the President of the United States. Foreign Service Officers in the Department of State are responsible for formulating, implementing and supporting U.S. foreign policy. Their work includes analyzing political and economic events; improving trade opportunities for U.S. businesses; conducting negotiations; implementing international agreements and treaties; issuing visas; assisting U.S. citizens abroad; educating foreign audiences about American culture and values; and managing an embassy’s operations. Foreign Service Officers are also engaged in foreign policy issues such as conflict resolution, human rights and democracy, environmental and health issues, nuclear nonproliferation, world trade, and public diplomacy.

A Foreign Service career is much more than just a job; it is a uniquely demanding and rewarding way of life. Foreign Service Officers work in Washington D.C. and in more than 250 diplomatic posts worldwide. As representatives of the United States government and people, Foreign Service Officers have a direct impact on people’s lives, witness history in the making, and help create and implement U.S. policy. They are challenged every day.

What does it offer?

In 2019 the Rangel Program plans to award 30 fellowships of up to $37,500 annually for a two year period for tuition, room, board, books and mandatory fees for completion of two-year master’s degrees. This includes up to $21,500 per year for tuition and mandatory fees and an academic year stipend of $16,000. At the conclusion of two years of study, the Rangel Fellow is expected to have obtained a degree in international affairs or another area of relevance to the work of the Foreign Service at a graduate school approved by the Rangel Program.

Becoming a Rangel Fellow means that you are committed to pursuing a two year master’s degree program in a field related to the Department of State’s Foreign Service, becoming a U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officer and representing your country and its interests abroad and at home. Upon accepting the fellowship, you will sign a contract that clearly outlines your benefits and responsibilities as a Fellow. In addition to the rigorous academic requirements of being a Rangel Fellow, there are strict security, medical and suitability requirements which must be fulfilled and maintained to remain in the program. Additionally, there is a minimum five year service commitment. The five year service commitment begins upon entry into the Foreign Service. Failure to meet the contractual obligations, including obtaining and maintaining required medical, security and suitability clearances may result in your disqualification from the fellowship program and reimbursement to the U.S. Government of financial assistance paid in connection with your education.

Minimum requirements:

  • Applicants must be seeking admission to enter graduate school in the fall of 2019 for a two-year program at a U.S. university in an area of relevance to the Foreign Service. They can be in their senior year of their undergraduate studies, graduating by June 2019, or they can be college graduates.

  • Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale at the time of application.

  • Applicants must be U.S. citizen.

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