Comprehensive List of Public Procurement-Focused Higher Education Programs from Around the World

Written by: Keaston D. Simmons, MSGC

In recent years, a number of public procurement-focused higher education programs have been launched to meet the unique educational needs of the world’s public procurement professionals.

While “acquisition and contract management” degrees have consistently been offered by for-profit higher education institutions for some time, leading public and private research-oriented colleges and universities have begun developing and launching degrees specifically targeted at public procurement professionals.

Since 2009 (as far as I can tell) – probably longer, the University of Nottingham has offered its Master of Laws (LLM), Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip), and Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) in Public Procurement Law and Policy through its Public Procurement Research Group – housed within its Law School, which focuses primarily on European Union procurement law and policy.

In the Fall of 2013, The George Washington University launched its Master of Science in Government Contracts joint degree program between the School of Business and it’s world-renowned “Government Procurement Law Program” in the Law School, which provides students the opportunity to view government procurement through a comparative context.

And, most recently, in the Fall of 2017, the University of Dayton launched its Master of Studies in Law in American and Transnational Law with a focus in Government Contracting and Procurement Law through its Law School, which also provides students the unique opportunity to earn a certificate in social justice law.

Last year, we took the time to compile a comprehensive list of all the public procurement-focused higher education degree programs offered around the world (see directory below). This list is ever-evolving as we learn of new programs and – in the near future – we will add public procurement-focused higher education certificate programs as well.

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