We help government procurement leaders maximize their potential by aligning their personal values, beliefs, and character strengths with their mission, vision, and goals.

Based on the research and practice of positive psychology – developed by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, our positive public service leadership coaching approach promotes the identifying and strengthening of one’s values, beliefs, and character strengths while acknowledging the unique challenges, experiences, and constraints faced by public service professionals.


As both professional coaches and active members of the government procurement community, we are uniquely positioned in the field of coaching to help you align your personal values, beliefs, and character strengths with your professional mission, vision, and goals. Throughout our coaching engagement, we will work with you to build your civic foundation by identifying your personal values, beliefs, and character strengths. We then work with you to help you pursue impactful and meaningful public service work that aligns your personal values, beliefs, and characters strengths with your professional mission, vision, and goals so that you are able to maximize your personal and professional potential and flourish in your career.



Positivity includes a wide range of feelings – not just happiness and joy – but, also, emotions like excitement, satisfaction, pride, and awe, amongst others. These emotions are frequently viewed as being connected to positive outcomes, such as longer life and healthier social relationships.



Engagement refers to an individual’s involvement in activities that draw and build upon an individual’s interests. It typically occurs when the task being done calls upon a higher, deeper skill level; involves passion for and concentration on the task at hand; and, produces an intense feeling of ecstasy and clarity.



Relationships are essential in fueling positive emotions – whether work-related, familial, romantic, or platonic. Simply put – “Other people matter.” – and, humans receive, share, and spread positivity to others through relationships. Relationships can be strengthened by reacting positively to one another, and they are important in both good and bad times.



Meaning is also known as purpose, and it prompts the question: “Why?” Discovering and figuring out a relevant and clear “why” puts everything into context – from work to relationships and other parts of life. Finding meaning is learning that there is something greater than one’s self and striving for desirable external goal that positively affects the lives of those around you.



Accomplishment is the pursuit of success and mastery; and, unlike the other elements of PERMA, they are sometimes pursued even when they do not result in positive emotions, meaning, or relationships. That being said, accomplishments can activate the other elements of PERMA, such as pride, and can be individual or community-based.


The VIA Institute on Character’s Survey of Character Strengths is a simple (and, free!) self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your core characteristics. Most personality tests focus on negative and neutral traits, but the Survey of Character Strengths focuses on your best qualities. Take the free Survey of Character Strengths to get your rank order listing of all 24 strengths and identify your signature character strengths – the top five strengths in your rank order listing.